Beard Growth Serum & Aloevera Neem Face Wash Combo

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  • Helps manage & style beard.
  • It makes beard hair soft, shiny, and manageable.
  •  Proven for enhanced beard growth.
  • May help reduce patchy spots.
  • Reduce inflammation, redness, and irritation
  • Improve skin tone and texture
  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Lighten dark spots and scars caused by acne

    Sheopal’s beard hair growth serum infused with Redensyl is a natural, plantbased serum designed to help stimulate beard growth and improved beard health. It is formulated with a blend of ingredients containing Redensyl, a patented combination of botanical extracts and oil that helps promote the proliferation of dermal papilla cells responsible for hair growth. The serum also contains watercress which is packed with vitamins E, C, K and A which helps promote hair growth, reduce skin inflammation, and boost resistance to bacteria causing skin infections.

    Aloe vera Neem Facewash is an herbal facewash that is made with natural ingredients such as aloe vera, neem, liquorice, and niacinamide. It helps to cleanse, nourish and hydrate the skin. Aloe
    vera helps to soothe and moisturize the skin while neem helps to fight bacteria and reduce inflammation. It also has liquorice in it which
    contains antioxidants that helps protect the skin from environmental stressors and diminishes the appearance of blemishes.

    Beard Growth Serum Ingredients


    This revolutionary active ingredient helps to reduce hair loss, stimulate hair growth and enhance hair quality.


    it is loaded with vitamin E and other minerals that help nourish and hydrate the skin and promote healthy hair growth.

    Saw Palmetto Extract

    It helps to enhance beard thickness and gives strength to hair.

    Aloevera Neem Face Wash Ingredients

    Aloe vera

    Its moisturizing properties help to nourish and hydrate dry skin, while the antioxidants it contains will help protect your skin from acne & Pimple and give glowing complexion.


    It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that help to fight bacteria and prevent the growth of acne-causing bacteria.


    It is a powerhouse of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots, reduce wrinkles, and improve the overall health of your skin.

    Steps To Use Beard Growth Serum

    Step 1: Wash your face and pat dry with a towel

    Step 2: Take a few drops on your palm

    Step 3: Apply all over your beard up to the roots

    Step 4: Use your fingers or beard comb to set

    Steps To Use Aloevera Neem Face Wash

    Step 1: Rinse your face with water

    Step 2: Take pea-size of facewash

    Step 3: Gently massage on wet face

    Step 4: Wash off thoroughly

    Step 5: Use twice daily

    Country of Origin: India

    Shelf Life: 6 Months

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 100 reviews
    Aadhya Patel
    Fantastic Combo

    This combo has worked wonders for my beard and skin. My beard feels softer, and the face wash has reduced acne and improved my skin tone. Highly recommend it!

    Neha Sharma

    I bought this combo for my husband, and he's thoroughly impressed. His beard looks fuller, and the patchy spots are much less noticeable. Great purchase!

    Aryan Singh
    Works Like Magic

    This combo indeed works like magic! My beard feels softer, and I've noticed some new growth in areas where I had patches.

    Parth Patel
    Must-Have for Beard Care

    Noticed a visible improvement in my beard's texture and growth after using this combo for just a few days. Highly recommend!

    Atharv Gupta

    I'm impressed with the results of this combo. My beard feels softer and looks shinier, and the face wash has reduced redness and inflammation. Would definitely recommend it to others.