Diabdex & Slimo combo: For Diabetes & Weight Management

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Sheopals Herbal Diabetes Capsule and Slimo Advance Weight Management Benefits

  • Reduces fatigue and increases energy
  • It helps to control blood sugar level
  • Provides relief from frequent urination
  • Helps to control both Type-1 & Type-2 diabetes
  • Helps to lose weight sustainably.
  • Detoxifies the body.
  • Maintains a healthy weight.
  • Helps to reduce belly fat.
  • Enhances metabolism.
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Customer Reviews

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Diabetes Management

Managing diabetes has become less challenging with the help of this product. It's a reliable way to keep blood sugar in check.

Diabetes Control

Herbal Diabdex has helped me gain better control over my diabetes. I'm grateful for the positive impact it has had on my life.

Energy and Balance

Diabdex Capsule provides the energy I need while maintaining a balanced blood sugar level. It's a win-win situation for me.

Effective Diabetes

Herbal Diabdex Capsule is truly effective in managing diabetes. It has helped me stabilize my blood sugar levels and feel more energetic.

Good Product and Ayurvedic ingredients

I bought this product for my mother and these ayurvedic capsules have proved to be nothing less than a miracle for us, her sugar level came down from 180 to 120 within few days of using it. All Thanks to Sheopals ...

Sheopal’s Herbal Diabdex Capsules are formulated using a blend of ayurvedic herbs and other natural ingredients that are believed to help regulate blood sugar levels, improve insulin sensitivity, and reduce the risk of diabetes-related complications. These herbal diabetes capsules are safe to manage diabetes with no side effects.

Slimo Herbal Weight Loss Capsule helps you to lose weight effortlessly and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It has Green Coffee Extract as its main ingredient which is natural and has no side-effects on your body. It enhances the body’s metabolic rate and energy utilization and helps in effective & sustainable weight loss.

Steps To Use Herbal Diabdex Capsules-

  • Take 1 capsule with water daily, 20 minutes before lunch.
  • For best results, take for at least 3 months.

Note: After consuming and felling any side effects or uneasiness stop the use immediately.

Steps To Use Slimo Advance Weight Management Capsules-

  • 1 capsule twice a day, 30 minutes before a meal.
  • For best results, take for at least 3 months.

NOTE: This product is a supplement and needs to be taken on a daily basis for best results. It is recommended to take a capsule daily for a minimum of 3 months or as advised by a physician. After consuming and felling any side effects or uneasiness stoop the use immediately.