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How to Cure High Blood Pressure with a Healthy Diet Plan

Do you know high blood pressure is quietly affecting your health? It's essential to be aware of the causes and symptoms of high blood pressure, as numerous factors can cause this potentially dangerous condition. Taking steps to manage your high blood pressure, such as exercise and diet, may help you reduce or prevent its onset.

High blood pressure can increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, cardiovascular disease, and other serious health issues if left untreated. It puts extra strain on the heart and other organs, which can lead to hardening of the arteries, blood clots, and other complications. Over time, these conditions can result in heart attack, stroke, and other serious illnesses. Monitoring your blood pressure levels regularly and seeking medical attention if you experience any symptoms or concerns is important.

A well-planned diet chart can also help to manage and control blood pressure levels and other complications associated with high BP. Individuals can effectively reduce the risk of hypertension-related complications by making informed food choices and following a balanced diet.

This blog aims to provide a comprehensive diet chart for high blood pressure patients, focusing on nutrient-rich foods that promote overall health and help maintain optimal blood pressure levels. From understanding the impact of sodium intake to incorporating heart-healthy food items into daily meals, this guide will teach you how positive dietary changes support your journey towards better blood pressure management and improved overall well-being. 

We have created a diet plan below for individuals with high blood pressure that includes healthy food choices at scheduled times with less salt and daily exercise. Following this diet chart, new dietary habits, counting calories, and monitoring portion sizes can lower your blood pressure and reduce the medication needed to control high blood pressure.



Meal /snack&





1 glass Luke warm water




4 soaked almonds + 2 soaked walnut + 2 chapatti / Ragi idli / Ragi dosa + egg whites + green veg + veg salad




High blood pressure capsules with water




Any low sugar fruit ( apple / papaya / guava)




Veg / non- veg (lean chicken & paneer once a month )

+ rice ( twice in a weak only  ) + 2-3 chapatti + green veg + any daal + curd + veg salad




Tea / green tea




2-3 chapatti + green veg + veg salad




High BP Ayurvedic medicine with water


Diet plan for high blood pressure patients: Do’s & Don’ts

  • Do physical activities like 30-45 min morning & evening walks, exercise, cycling, etc.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Chew 1-2 pieces of garlic daily
  • Check your blood pressure level every week & when your blood pressure level comes into a normal range, you have to reduce your previous medication with the help of the doctor. 


  • Never skip any meals (lunch, breakfast & dinner)
  • Avoid processed food, paratha, oily food, sugary drinks, alcohol, smoking, energy drinks, shakes & junk food.
  • Have a quality sleep from 10 P.M. to 5.30 A.M. (advisable), and avoid taking naps during the day.
  • Reduce salt & dairy product intake. 

Taking care of your diet is important for dealing with high blood pressure. Following a balanced, healthy diet chart can reduce the risk of complications and improve your overall health. Limiting salt intake, eating more fruits and vegetables, choosing lean proteins, and watching your portions are essential to achieve this. Additionally, staying hydrated and cutting down on processed and fried foods can make a big difference in managing high blood pressure. By making these dietary adjustments, you can lead a healthier and happier life.

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