Body Wash Vs Shower Gel Vs Bar Soap: What’s The Difference

Body Wash Vs Shower Gel Vs Bar Soap: What’s The Difference

Taking a bath may look like the easiest and most relaxing task of the day. All you need to do is go under the shower, take a body cleanser and rinse off every filth from your body.

But wait. Did you ever think about which type of cleanser you should choose for bathing?

Now you will think that why should you waste your precious time on choosing a cleanser?

Well it may not seem necessary to choose a suitable body cleanser but it is necessary as body wash, shower gel and bar soaps are all different from each other and you should choose these according to your body type and surroundings.

Body Wash Vs Shower Gel

Shower gel and body washes may seem like the same products but they have a slight difference in them. While their compositions are almost same as both are made with emollients (helps to smoothen the skin) and mild surfactant that create rich foamy leather, the main observable difference in them is in their consistencies.

Body washes have a consistency like liquid soap. They are runny. While the shower gels have a gel like texture and are thicker than the body wash. 

You should always consider your skin type first while choosing between Body wash and Shower gel.

Shower gels are generally harsher on skin and helps in cleansing all the excessive oil from the surface of the skin, on the other hand Body washes cleanse the skin while providing moisture to the skin 

So, if you have oily skin or you live in a hot and humid climate you should choose a good quality shower gel for cleansing purposes and if you have a dry skin type choose a fine quality Body wash.

Bar Soap Vs Body Wash

Bar soaps and body washes have some clear and noticeable difference in their composition as well as their texture. You can even tell the difference while just having a look at them.

Bar soaps are generally solid in texture while the body washes are liquid cleansing soaps. Talking about differences, we need to mention the difference they have in their compositions also. Bar soaps are made of a combination of oils and fatty acids, while body washes are composed with emollients and surfactants.

Bar soaps are advisable for people living in a hot and humid climate or to the people who do excessive physical work like work-out in a gym. While body washes boosts moisture in the skin and are advisable to use by the people who have a flaky or rough skin texture.

Is Body Wash Better Than Bar Soaps?

Many people search the answer of this common question on Google “is body wash better than bar soaps” today here you will get to know which one is better. Body cleansing is as important as any other task during the day. But which one should we choose between a body wash and a bar soap? Body wash and bar soaps have their own sets of merits as well as demerits and you need to consider all of these while choosing the correct product for cleansing work.

Benefits Of Using Body Wash

  1. Hydrating: Body washes are made with hydrating elements which gives the correct amount of nourishment to the skin and makes it smooth and soft.
  2. Nicely lathers: Lather baths are more relaxing and comforting than any other thing and body washes are the perfect product for a lather bath. Body washes form a greater amount of leather than other cleansing products, when accompanied by a loofah.
  3. Hygiene friendly:  In our country most of the households have just one cleansing soap, which is used by the whole family. This practice itself is very unhygienic as it can cause many skin infections and diseases. In this case body washes are the safest option out there.
  4. Long lasting: you only need a few drops of body wash for the whole cleaning process. As body washes make a good amount of lather, it can do the cleaning without using much amount and thus lasts long.
  5. Great travel partner:  You can carry a body wash to anywhere you go. Whether it’s a solo trip to the beaches or a family trip to the mountains. A body wash is the perfect travel buddy. You don’t need to wrap it in plastic, you just need to close the lid and you are good to go.
  6. Good for skin exfoliation: For getting a glowing glassy skin you need skin exfoliation. Body washes have certain ingredients which help in skin exfoliation.

Disadvantage Of Body Wash

While having so many advantages, body washes also have its own set of disadvantages.

  1. As we all know body washes gives moisture to our skin and exfoliates it but to achieve this it may also cause some harmful damages to our skin as most of the body washes have some very harmful chemicals in it. So while choosing a body wash you need to check its label to see if it is free-from chemicals or not.
  2. The other big disadvantage which can be seen in the body washes are that it comes in plastic bottles which is very harmful for our environment.

Benefits Of Using Bar Soap

  1. Anti-Bacterial Properties: Soap has ingredients which help in removing the bacterial and viruses from our body and keeps it hygienic.
  2. Moisturizing Properties: Just like the Moisturizing body washes, some natural soap also has moisturizing properties and helps in hydrating your skin.
  3. Fragrant: Unlike body washes, soaps are more fragrant. They have pleasant and long lasting fragrance.
  4. Exfoliating Effects: Like body washes some soap are very gentle to the skin and exfoliates the skin very gently.
  5. Budget Friendly: As comparison to body wash and shower gels, bar soaps are more cost efficient.

Disadvantages Of Bar Soaps

Bar soaps may look like a cheaper and helpful option in place of body wash but they have their own disadvantages also.

  1. Less Hygienic: Bar soaps may have antibacterial ingredients in them but still they are unhygienic than the body wash as they come in contact with the skin directly and when used by many people it can cause infections to the skin.
  2. Over-Drying: While some bar soaps leave a smoothening effect on the skin, others have harmful chemicals. Using those frequently will dry up the natural oil present in the skin and will make it flaky and dull.
  3. Harmful Packaging: Most of the bar soaps come packed in the single used plastic which is very harmful to our environment if not disposed properly.

Summing Up

Body Wash Vs Shower Gel Vs Bar Soap, according to the above data we have come to this conclusion that body wash, showering gel and bar soaps works almost similar to the skin but body washes still stand out because of its hydrating properties. But still while choosing a cleansing agent you need to be very careful and choose according to your skin type and surrounding climate. Also you should go for a cleansing agent which has more natural ingredients.

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