Beyond Grooming: Surprising Benefits Of Using Beard Serum And Capsules

Beyond Grooming: Surprising Benefits Of Using Beard Serum And Capsules

Finding a solution to grow a fuller, thicker and longer beard? All men around the world love to grow a beard but it requires maintenance. Beards of all shapes, sizes and types require a good amount of maintenance and you can easily do so by following simple lessons and practices.

It is very important to take care of your beard during puberty as this is the time when facial hair usually grows. Most men think that by regularly trimming and setting their beards they are taking proper care of them. Are you also one of those people who think that! Then you are wrong because just grooming alone is not enough? You also need to nourish and provide essential nutrient to your hair follicles for a healthy, strong and shiny beard.

Nutrition is important for healthy beard growth, just like it is for the rest of the hair on your body. You get this nutrition from the food you eat, but sometimes you do not get the necessary nutrition just by eating. This is where oral supplements come in. Beard growth capsules or tablets contain vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. These go directly into your bloodstream and provide your body with the nutrients needed for beard growth, such as biotin, vitamin D, iron and omega-3 fatty acids.

But food or supplements alone will not suffice. External care is also very important to directly nourish the facial hair. Serum is a thick fluid that is rich in vitamins and minerals. You can apply it directly on your hair. This will moisturize the hair, which prevents hair breakage and strengthens their roots. Additionally, beard serum reduces dryness and makes the beard thick and shiny. You get to know why both are needed so, now we also quickly discuss some surprising benefits of both of them.

Surprising Benefits of Using Beard Serum and Capsules

Promote beard growth: most people don’t know beard growth serum contains plant based ingredients and one of them is redensyl which is made up of two powerful ingredients DHQG(dihydroquicertin glucoside) and EGCG(Epigallocatechin gallet) which penetrates the skin and interacts with the hair follicle stem cells to stop the hair follicle from going into resting phase and promote hair regeneration.

Enhance production of DHT: DHT or Dihydrotestosterone is the hormone on which the growth of your beard hair depends. It works to enhance the production of DHT in your body as the results stimulate growth and stronger your hair will grow.

Ayurvedic formulation: The beard growth capsules are formulated with all ayurvedic herbs such as harad, amla, kalonji, bhringraj and methi which provide nourishment, strength, boost growth and shine to the hair follicle and prevent beard loss.

Non sticky: redensyl beard serum doesn't make your beard sticky like other beard oils. As it’s contains plant based ingredients like redensyl and watercress that are water based which makes it light weight and non-sticky. Additionally, it is not greasy and does not cause folliculitis or acne.

Vitamin D: The capsules works by providing essential nutrients like vitamin D in your body. Vitamin D is essential to boost facial hair growth by striking a hormonal balance and trigger testosterone production.

Tame that frizz: Your beard is long and thick but if it gets tangled then your whole look gets spoiled. If you want a sleek and polished look then a quality beard serum can keep it in check. It is contains hydrating properties that tames your frizzy and dry beard hair and get a shinier, healthier beard. It’s also Make sure that the next hair grow is soft and smooth from within. This is done by conditioning the hair follicles.

Beard dandruff & itchiness: Beardruff is a very embarrassing thing for anyone and also causes itching. Some serums contain ingredients that help reduce the itching & dandruff that often accompanies dry or irritated skin.

Speed up facial hair growth: beard growth supplement are formulated with numerous hair and beard growth vitamins that penetrate into the hair follicle roots, fix and protect the lethargic hair follicles, work on nutrition retention, and speed up facial hair growth.

How to Use Serum and Capsules

The way to use beard growth capsules and serum may vary slightly depending on the brand. Read the instructions given on the package carefully. The serum is usually applied to a slightly damp beard after towelling it off. At the same time, capsules can be taken with food once or twice a day.


In conclusion, beard capsule and beard serum benefits are several and you must be surprised knowing that. To keep the beard healthy and thick, external care alone is not enough. Beard serums and capsules nourish the hair from the roots to help it grow stronger and faster. So the next time you take care of your beard, don't forget to include serums and capsules in your routine.

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