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Sheopals Pilohem Capsules

Sheopals pilohem capsules are a natural ayurvedic formula to get relief from piles without surgical treatment. Its herbal supplements help to provide relief from symptoms of piles or hemorrhoids, such as itching, pain, and bleeding. We've carefully crafted a formula that offers pain relief from both internal and external piles and promotes the healing of hemorrhoids.

Unique Blend Of Natural & Ayurvedic Herbs


Reetha is a natural cleanser that helps reduce the inflammation and swelling of the hemorrhoidal veins because of its tridosha balancing property. It also helps treat itching and irritation caused by hemorrhoids.


Giloy, an Ayurvedic herb, can help reduce piles problems by improving digestive health and reducing inflammation. It strengthens the immune system, aiding in the prevention of infections in the anal area. Additionally, its anti-inflammatory properties may alleviate pain and discomfort associated with piles.


is a mix of three strong herbs: black pepper, long pepper, and ginger. It's great for improving digestion and reducing constipation, which can cause piles. Using Trikatu in your diet or as a supplement can help prevent piles and ease piles-related problems.

Sangjarahat Bhasma

Assist in reducing piles issues by its cooling and healing properties. It can help soothe inflammation and discomfort associated with piles, promoting faster healing of anal tissues. Sangjarahat Bhasma is believed to improve digestion, which can reduce the risk of constipation, a common factor in piles development.


This herb may be proven highly effective in shrinking lumps of piles, reducing inflammation and pain, and controlling anal bleeding. It is also helpful to stop excessive bleeding due to piles and treat digestive problems like constipation, which is the common cause of piles development.


: It is an effective herb to treat internal and external piles. Neem has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and pain-relieving properties that reduce the swelling of piles of warts and relieve pain by killing the bacteria.

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A common causes of piles Development

Low-Fiber Diet

Eating a low-fiber diet may cause hemorrhoids, which means you're not getting enough roughage to keep your stool soft and easy to pass. This makes you strain during bowel movements, which can lead to hemorrhoids.

Sitting Too Long

Spending prolonged hours sitting, especially on the toilet, can increase pressure on the blood vessels in your rectal area, potentially causing hemorrhoids.

Chronic Constipation

When you struggle with constipation, you tend to strain while trying to pass hard stools, which can irritate and inflame the blood vessels in your anus, leading to hemorrhoids.

Pregnancy and Childbirth

The increased pressure on the pelvic blood vessels during pregnancy and the straining during childbirth can contribute to the development of hemorrhoids in women.

Why should you choose Sheopals Pilohem?

  • Natural & Ayurvedic Ingredient : Sheopals Pilohem is a unique blend of all-natural Ayurvedic herbs known for their effectiveness in relieving piles symptoms such as swelling, bleeding, itching, burning, and alleviating pain. These herbs have been used for centuries in traditional medicine.
  • Holistic Approach : Pilohem not only treats the symptoms but also addresses the root causes of piles. It promotes healthy digestion and regulates bowel movements, reducing the likelihood of recurrence.
  • Non–toxic and no side effects : Our formula is designed to treat piles without worrying about unknown side effects. It doesn't contain any harmful chemicals, making it suitable for long-term use.
  • Convenient to use : 60 Capsules is a convenient pack that allows you to take it anywhere.

How does Pilohem help to relieve piles?

RELIVES PILES SYMPTOMS: Sheopal's Pilohem capsules are an ayurvedic medicine for treating piles. It Contains anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and laxative herbs like Reetha, Katha, Giloy, Trikatu, Triphala, Dharuhaldi, Nageskar, Nimboli, and Sangjarahat Bhasma. These herbs reduce swelling and bleeding and relieve pain, itching, and burning sensations caused by piles.

HELPS REGULATE BOWEL MOMENTS : Pilohem capsules contain all-natural ayurvedic herbs that soften the hard stool, increase intestinal mobility, and ensure pain-free, smooth, and satisfactory bowel movements to overcome constipation. They also help to regularize bowel movements to ensure there is less strain on the bowels that can lead to the recurrence of piles. The natural herbs revive the digestive system to provide relief from indigestion, gas, and bloating associated with piles.

TREAT BOTH INTERNAL & EXTERNAL PILES : Sheopals Pilohem capsules provide an effective solution to treat both internal and external piles. These capsules can help ease the discomfort and pain caused by piles, whether they are inside or outside the body. With Sheopal's Pilohem, you can find relief from this common condition.

RELIEF FROM CHRONIC CONSTIPATION : These Ayurvedic herbs work together to relieve constipation, which is a major root cause of piles development. These ayurvedic medicine softens the hard stool, increase intestinal mobility, and ensure pain-free, smooth, and satisfactory bowel to overcome constipation.

What if you could ease your hemorrhoid discomfort without surgery and get back to a pain-free life?

Pilohem is a powerful formula formulated with ayurvedic herbs to relieve the pain of piles and get back to your normal life.

  • A unique formulation of Ayurvedic herbs designed to treat piles from roots.
  • It helps control bleeding and eases bowel moment.
  • Relieves piles symptoms such as bleeding, itching, swelling, and pain.
  • Fast-acting and long-lasting relief from the pain and discomfort of piles.
  • It helps improve blood circulation and prevents further damage to the rectal area.
  • It contains herbs and minerals that support digestive health and help relieve chronic constipation.

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Pradeep Kumar
Trusted Natural Remedy

When it comes to piles care, I trust Pilohem Aid. It's a natural remedy that truly works.

Anuj Verma
Piles No More

Say goodbye to piles with Pilohem Aid. It's effective, safe, and the results are impressive.

Lokesh Sharma
Pain Begone

If you want your piles pain to disappear, try Pilohem Aid. It worked wonders for me.

Vinay Singh
Impressive Results

The results of using Pilohem Aid are truly impressive. It provided relief and improved my overall well-being.

Ankit Sharma
Happy with the Results

I was skeptical at first, but Pilohem Aid proved me wrong. It's a reliable solution for piles.