Herb 69 Oil

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Benefits of Herb 69 Oil

  • Improve strength and boost energy level.
  • Increase libido and stamina.
  • Help to cure male infertility.
  • Increase sperm quality and quantity.
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Sheopals Herb 69 vibe booster oil is made to improve men's reproductive health. It contains all-natural and ayurvedic ingredients that help to enhance libido and stamina in men.  

Ayurvedic Oil also helps to improve circulation. This is important because it allows more blood flow to the penis, which can help to enhance erections. Improved circulation can also help to increase energy levels and reduce fatigue. It is completely natural and safe. 

Akarkara irani

It improves libido, increases libido sexual urges, and delays ejaculation, which has a direct impact on enhancing sexual performance.


They help to prevent early ejaculation and boost sexual function.

Datura Beej

It is an effective herb that boosts libido and cures male infertility.

Almond Oil

Almonds contain a powerhouse of nutrients which can improve your health and sexual function in men.

Till Oil

It contains compounds that boost libidos and increase testosterone and sex drive.


Herbs help treat men's infertility and increase sperm quality and motility.


Saffron consumption is beneficial in treating erectile dysfunction and increasing male libido.


This herb is used to treat various sexual issues, including erectile problems premature ejaculation and to increase sperm counts, vitality and libido.

How to use: 

  • Apply 8 to 10 drops of Oil and massage gently. 
  • Apply two times a day or as directed by your physician.