Ubtan Face Wash For Glowing Skin – 200 ml

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Sheopals Ubtan face wash introduce the traditional way to get glowing skin. Ingredients used in it has cleansing and skin restoring properties that lets your dull, tanned skin rejuvenate and make bright and fresh.



Sheopals Ubtan face wash introduce the traditional way to get glowing skin. Ingredients used in it has cleansing and skin restoring properties that lets your dull, tanned skin rejuvenate and make bright and fresh. It helps to remove dry, dead skin to prevent fine lines and patchy skin. Also lighten tan and even out patchy complexion.

It comes with the goodness of pure turmeric and aloevera that removes dirts, dead skin and impurities from skin to give glowing skin. Get rid of dark spots, wrinkles, blemishes and hyperpigmentation with the regular use. Dermatologically tested and suitable to all skin type for both men and women.

Benefits of Ubtan Face Wash

  1. Removes tan from face skin to provide glow.
  2. Protects skin from environmental damage like dirts, pollution and UV rays.
  3. Remove dead skin and dullness, deep cleanses the skin to give fresh look.
  4. Improve the skin complexion by lightening the skin tone.
  5. Remove dark spots and uneven skin tone.

Key Ingredients


Having antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric improve glow and luster of skin. Beside this it also manage to cure several skin issues like acne, pimple, pigmentation, sign of aging etc. it is really helpful in moisturizing skin and help in new skin cells regeneration by removing dead skin cell.


It contains amino acids and zinc, which can help keep skin healthy and moisturized. Antioxidants present in it remove acne-causing bacteria from the skin and minimize the risk of scarring.

How To Use Ubtan Face Wash

Wet your face with plain water.

Take some amount of Ubtan face wash and message it over the face with gentle hand for 2 minutes.

Rinse thoroughly with plain water.

18 reviews for Ubtan Face Wash For Glowing Skin – 200 ml

  1. Manjula


    I just love this ubtan! cleanses skin so well and make it glowing…

  2. ayushi

    Instant glow
    In case you’ve made a sudden plan and need to head out quickly, just apply this to your face for 10 minutes and get the glowing look.. have tried it twice so far and am quite happy with it.. 

  3. Hansika

    Good one for sensitive skin

    Amazing product….really worked on my tan… to use…nice texture, scent…leave a refreshing look….ordered another one after first one

  4. anjali

    Loved it
    Bought it for myself and I’m enjoying the changes in my skin.

  5. Riya

    Nice ubtan
    wow! this is so good. I used to underestimate , but now just love it.

  6. Jahnvi

    Completely natural and organic.
    It’s the best as I personally only trust at home skincare but when you are away from home it is generally not possible to get back at it but this product is a saviour….I have a slightly oily, dry and very sensitive skin so not many products suit my skin but this completely fulfills the purpose.

  7. Pankhuri

    I like it

    After bringing it home i applied on my face i simply mixed it 

  8. Rachit

    Ok ok
    It has no action no reaction bt fine if you r looking for a refreshment

  9. Arohi

    Best ubtan for sensitive skin
    Awesome face mask for sensitive and tanned skin..i love this consistency.. little amount is more okay for the face and neck… it gives a cooling effect when we applying on face..its gives a mild fragrance which i like more on this product…

  10. Divya

    It’s awesome It makes my skin fair instantly this is the only product

  11. lovely

    Good one

    This is must have product in this busy & hectic life. It has lots of benefits & good ingredients, that we cannot find in any affordable brand.. We also get a spatula inside, which is a good thing as it helps in the application. Even the smell is very nice.

  12. Ritika

    Lovely product
    Nice one… M going to purchase this today only and will enjoy day with relax feeling …

  13. archna

    Reall work well on ur skin especially when u have tan then go for it. Everyone can use this product best results

  14. Pragya

    Good product no sideffects Not used much only 3-4 times, but it’s good

  15. Gudiya

    Good product but need more improvement

  16. Nidhi

    i am very happy to use it

    wow this is seriously good, must try it out once

  17. amrita

    Only good product

    I tried almost all the products but this is the only product which is working and showing all naam bade…kaam chote…

  18. Saroj

    1st time I brought something for face. Bt I am very happy with this product. I had pimple problem . But after using this I m having pimple free skin. 🙃. Using from last 2 months. And results are very good

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