Apple Cider Vinegar Face Wash For Deep Cleansing – 200 ml

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Sheopals Apple Cider Vinegar face wash is skin deep cleansing face wash that enriched with pure apple cider vinegar. It protects skin and reverses the effect of environmental damage like dirt, pollutions and free radicals.



Sheopals Vitamin C face wash is a natural facial cleanser formulated to enhance your natural skin glow by protecting your skin from the harsh UV rays of the Sun and exfoliating it. Infused with vitamin C and a few other herbal extracts, it works well in protecting your skin from harmful rays of the Sun and also repairs the skin damage that occurred due to them. It is also a good face wash for acne and clears out excess oil. This herbal face wash maintains natural moisture of the skin and thus gives you healthy, radiant, and flawless skin.

Face skin is highly sensitive and gets easily affected due to dirt, pollution and other environmental condition. As a result, your skin looks dull, tired, dry, and lifeless. It’s the time when you need that powerful dose of deep cleansing and refreshing Vitamin C present in Sheopals Vitamin C facewash. Vitamin C’s water-soluble form, Ethyl Ascorbic Acid helps enhance your skin’s natural glow by fighting against stubborn dark spots and hyperpigmentation and thus reduces them effectively. Being formulated with only herbal extracts and no added harmful chemicals and substances, it is safe for skin.

Face wash gently exfoliate skin by removing layer of dead skin and due to the skin brightening properties of vitamin c, it brighten out face skin. Its powerful antioxidant works to reduce the sign of ageing and patchy skin tone. Face wash is dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin type for both men and women and free from harmful toxin like parabens, suplhate.

Benefits Of Apple Cider Face Wash –

  1. Deep cleanses face skin to remove dirts, impurities, sweat and excess oil.
  2. Maintain the natural pH balance of skin.
  3. Protect skin from environmental damage like pollution and UV rays.
  4. Reduce blackheads, pigmentation & acne.
  5. Make dull, greasy and tired face, Fresh and supple with every wash.

Key Ingredients

apple cider vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Presence of antioxidants, astringent, antifungal and antibacterial properties along with enzymes, vitamins and mineral salts make apple cider vinegar beneficial for face skin. It keeps you skin smooth and flawless and give fresh, supple skin.


It contains amino acids and zinc, which can help keep skin healthy and moisturized. Antioxidants present in it remove acne-causing bacteria from the skin and minimize the risk of scarring.

How To Use Apple Cider Face Wash

Wet your face with plain water.

Take some amount of Apple Cider face wash and message it over the face with gentle hand for 2 minutes.

Rinse thoroughly with plain water.

20 reviews for Apple Cider Vinegar Face Wash For Deep Cleansing – 200 ml

  1. Sulekha

    It is good for sensitive skin type. This is one of the best face wash i ever used.

  2. Darshan G

    Very awesome product… For all skin types..! I recently start using this product and i feel its really suit to my skin and its make me feel my skin fresh. This face wash helps to deep cleansing my skin and also helps to purify pores and control blackheads.

  3. abhi mishra

    All things are good and I love to use this regularly. It’s very helpful for deep cleaning. my skin type is normal and it’s use regularly for freshness.

  4. Huzaifa Ansari

    Loved it

    Easy to use, light apple smell, feel fresh after using this. 

  5. Tanu sharma

    Superb fashwasb..worth it..

  6. Amit Kumar Verma

    Very good product

    I have been using this product it is very good and recommended for use.

  7. Alok Kumar

    Value for money

    This is really amazing product. Using it regularly keeps your face clear. it is chemical free


    My go-to face wash

    Affordable and good product

  9. S.S

    Just give it a try!!

    This has become my all time favourite. My skin is sensitive.

  10. Suraj Gautam

    Nice paisa barbaad nahi hoga kisi ka bhi jo is product ko kharid ke istemal karega

  11. firdosh patel

    Decent product

    Liked it. Use it for facewash

  12. captain america

    skin feels smooth

    dead skin will be cleaned immediatly, skin feels so smooth🤗

  13. Anand


    Awesome product..very effective on skin


    Facewash contains all vitamins and minerals These Facewash contains all vitamins or minerals however wow skin products contains best prices I recommend all to use this facewash for clean our skin instantly it’s pure natural to clean our face .

  15. Kriti

    Deep cleaning of face

    Not good for dry skin but otherwise ok

  16. Payal Banerjee

    Perfect for Oily Skin

    I didnt know till date until I bought this..Its does miracle to oily sling..loved the formula..

  17. Dev Tomar

    Good for oily skin

    My skin is too sensitive and not all products work for me but this is good face wash for oily skin type 

  18. Pooja

    Loved the product

    Very nyc product for deep cleaning and gives the touch of freshness after use

  19. Shamir faraz

    Very nice product must buy anti acne and pimples, anti ageing amd anti dullness is also best for radiance and glow also provide skin softening and smoothening used on daily basis care and also suitable for all type of skin 

  20. Adarsh

    It is a great product and packaging was very great.

    facewash is actually for acne as I have experienced

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