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Aleo Vera Neem Face Wash For Acne Free Skin – 200 ml

Sheopals Aleo Vera Neem face wash helps clearing skin, unclog pores, acne and pimples. It helps skin regeneration and make skin clear, bright and smooth.


Sheopals aloe neem face wash


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Your face is the most sensitive part of your skin and it is often exposed to extreme weather conditions like sunlight, dust, dirt, moisture, etc. Therefore, taking good care of your skin is a must to keep it clean, clear, spot-free, and radiant. Just water can’t get these tasks done for skin but Sheopals Aloe Neem face wash can do.

Being blended with pure Neem and Aloe Vera extracts, this face wash is scientifically proven to protect your skin from environmental conditions along with nourishing and moisturising it naturally. In a nutshell, our AloeVera Neem face wash cleanses your skin deeply, exfoliates it, and thus gives you purifying, spot-free, blemishes-free, moisturised, and radiant skin. It is a must-have face wash for acne, pimple, and other day-to-day life face issues. Since it contains no harsh and harmful chemicals, it doesn’t harm your skin.

Neem as we all know is a deep cleansing natural agent due to its strong anti-bacterial property thus helping remove acne and pimple-causing bacteria effectively. Whereas, it’s another key ingredient is Aloe Vera. It consists of many nutrients for the skin like vitamins, enzymes, saponins and salicylic acids, and amino acids. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore it soothes your skin, removes spots, and moisturises it too. As a result, this Aloe Neem face wash is a natural anti-acne face wash product to give you a clean, shinier, spot-free, and confident face. . It is the best and 100% natural anti-acne face wash suitable for acne, pimple, and dry skin. It is safe and gentle for all skin types.

Give your skin a natural, spot-free, blemishes-free, radiant, and healthy glow with Sheopals Aloe neem face wash!

Aleo Vera Neem Face Wash Benefits

  • It helps fight a plethora of skin issues such as rashes, irritated skin, acne, pimples, sunburn, blemishes, and infections by exfoliating your skin and removing bacteria from the skin.
  • It suits all skin types and is best suitable for oily and dry skin. It is beneficial in removing excess oil from your skin and keeps it hydrated for longer.
  • Its anti-aging property helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines too and gives you a youthful and glowing face.
  • It improves skin texture, elasticity, and overall appearance. It helps bring back vitality in skin and makes it look younger and vibrant.
  • It is best suitable for removing acne, pimples, dark spots, blackheads, and also whiteheads. It cleanses your skin from deeper and removes excess oil and all impurities.
  • Being a good anti-pollutant, it helps remove sun tan, dirt, and pollution effect. It also calms your skin irritation and soothes it naturally.


Aloe Vera Extract

Aloe Vera is a miracle plant for your health as it contains 75 potentially active herbal constituents. It is known as ‘the Universal Panacea’ due to its health, beauty, skincare, and other medicinal properties. It soothes sunburns naturally with its cooling and skin-healing properties. Its compound polysaccharides encourage skin repair and new skin cell formation. Moreover, it helps fight several skin conditions like sun tan, skin blemishes, acne, pimples, and dry skin.
Having around 80% water content, and many vitamins and minerals, it helps moisturize, and nourish your skin by offering essential hydration. It also slows down the signs of ageing and makes you look younger.

Neem Extract

Neem is known for its ultra-bitter taste and blood-purifying power. It has been used widely in Ayurveda for numerous health conditions mainly skin problems for centuries. Due to its antibacterial substances, it helps fight against acne and pimples causing bacteria. It helps you get rid of outbreaks and soothes your itchy skin. It also helps tackle blackheads and whiteheads. Being rich in Vitamin C, it aids in the natural creation of collagen and gives skin antioxidants to reduce fine wrinkles. It also lightens scars and gives you a clean, healthy, and glowing face. These features make it a must-have ingredient for an effective anti-acne face wash. The best part of Neem is that it does all these wonders for your skin without causing skin dryness or roughness.

How To Use Aloe Neem Face Wash

Wet your face with plain water.

Take some amount of Aleoneem face wash and message it over the face with gentle hand for 2 minutes.

Rinse thoroughly with plain water.


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