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The operation does not solve your problem! I will tell you how I got relief from piles problem in just 10 days.

hello! I am Rohit Tiwari. Today I want to tell you how I was suffering from piles and how I got relief from it without surgery!

The first time I experienced piles was when I was 40 years old. I work in an office. With a work routine that involves always being in a sitting position, I have read about hemorrhoids being very dangerous. There was itching in my anal area, but I kept ignoring it. The itching was not very severe, just moderate. That's why I didn't pay much attention to it. Even after 2-3 months the itching did not go away and I started thinking that maybe it was due to stomach worms or parasites.I bought a special pill medicine for this, I used to take the medicine every day but there was no benefit. I remember, when I went to defecate, the itching would increase so much that I had to wash it off immediately with water. So, I used to quickly go to the shower after finishing toilet. Earlier, this was a common thing for me. But the itching started at any time.Worse, if I was in an office or in any public place, the itching would get so bad that I felt like running straight home and scratching and then taking a cold shower. For a long time I ignored it, thinking it was just an itch.

The story is still continuing. After 4 months, blood started coming out while defecating. Pain also started due to walking for too long or sitting for too long. Then I went to the pharmacy to buy painkillers, and contemplated resigning from the office because of the pain and itching. But after six months, even worse, the lump started falling down from my buttocks and started bleeding not only while defecating, but almost every time.Here I got a little scared. Now I started considering this as a serious symptom. Moreover, the pain and itching were becoming unbearable. I couldn't go to work anymore, I could only cry. Luckily, my office work can be done from home. I started reading about these symptoms on the internet and found out that it is called piles.

At first I did not accept this situation. Just imagine, I was only 40 years old. And I had piles. I understand that having piles at this age is a risk, but I was also hopeful that I would grow out of this problem. So I started exercising. And whenever I went to a party, I drank only soft drinks, I used to eat nutritious food.I couldn't eat junk food and my favorite food. I went to a proctologist (colorectal surgeon) doctor who told me that I had piles and the problem had reached the fourth stage. The doctor prescribed me ointment and some medicines. I followed existing treatment advice, of course I took all the medicine.There was no itching for two weeks but after a few days it started again and now two lumps had come down from the anus!

The second time, I went to another clinic. It was even worse where the doctor, without giving any diagnosis, directly asked me for surgery. He said there was no other option except surgery. The cost of the surgery was said to be Rs 10,000! The operation was scheduled after two months. I was in a dilemma but I had no other option but to collect the money.

Then I remembered that the husband of one of my friends also had piles, so why not ask him something, thinking this I called my friend and wanted to know about the treatment process and how the situation is now. He did not answer my question on phone and called me to meet him at home.

The next day I went to his house and he opened the door crying! I was very surprised.

    • I asked, What happened?">
    • She said "My husband... died! A week ago. From anal cancer! Her husband was a very good man!
    • "He told that he was undergoing treatment and despite expensive medicines, piles kept returning again and again” There was no benefit even after surgery. Just three weeks ago we found out that the problem had turned into anal cancer and just a week was all over.

I got really scared. I asked him about both the treatment and the symptoms. He told me everything and mentioned the name of the same medicine which I was also using. When these medicines did not help, an operation was done but despite that the disease became worse.

I really don't want surgery, now I'm scared of even going to the doctor. They don't know anything yet they prescribe many medicines to people which only make the disease worse. It is foolish to delay such a problem. I was also not able to defecate properly, there was pain and itching and blood was also flowing continuously. This was a sign of anal cancer.

I started getting nervous.

I stayed at home all the time. I was very scared and bad thoughts kept coming in my mind. I couldn't work. What kind of work can you do if every time you feel sick and just wait for death?! I didn't want surgery so I started reading about it again on the internet, trying to find at least traditional medicine or some other solution.

There is a 50% risk of recurrence of hemorrhoids even after operation.

I searched on the internet. Then I came across a review of a woman in which she told how she got relief from piles without surgery and injections and that too with the help of just a cream. He told that this product is very effective which is made from only natural ingredients and its price is also low. He said - "I have spent thousands of rupees till now for various medicines but did not get any results" so I decided to try it.

I approached the lady and asked where she purchased this product. He explained that this product is produced in small quantities due to the difficulty of the manufacturing process. This product is sold only on the official website. But I am lucky. I placed an order when the product was on sale.

To be honest, I had taken so many medications that I didn't have much hope for this product. But I also didn't want to have surgery so I decided to give it a try!

But when I started using this product, within a week the itching started reducing and I was able to walk normally as I was not feeling itching and pain. Then I used the product two to three times a day. And what was the result?

The itching started reducing.

After a week, the lump protruding from the anus started shrinking. Rectal bleeding had reduced. After 10 days, I could defecate as usual, there was no pain. In the third week of the course, the blood practically stopped flowing. Even while defecating, the lump did not appear again outside the anus. I had found the solution to my problem. But to avoid recurrence, I completed the course for a month.

I went to the doctor again and he saw the test results and he was surprised. He said: You are out of the problem of piles now! And was immediately asked to cancel the operation. There are no words that can express how happy I was at that moment! I felt extraordinary relief. Those who have found relief from hemorrhoids can understand me

Now I can enjoy life again with my loving family!

I survived the operation! I survived anal cancer! I was overcome by a torturous pain! Now that five years have passed since that incident, I am very happy! I can walk normally! I wish I had known about this product earlier!

Thanks Sheopals Pilohem Aid, now I am healthy and living a meaningful life. I no longer have any problem with piles

This is the formula

So if you also have the problem of piles, correct the problem immediately! This is not a joke. My friend's husband and I are a real example. I am so happy because I avoided surgery and recurrence of the problem, and had immediate correction of the problem! I hope you also don't let your problem escalate!, If you are curious to know about this product, it is called Sheopals Pilohem Aid for Hemorrhoids. Below, product manufacturers attach a form to be filled with your personal data, so that you can get their products with a discount.

I pray that you all remain successful and in perfect health! See you

Greetings, Rohit Tiwari
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