Complete Relief From Joint Pain

Painful & crackling joints, backache and any other body aches?

Stop suffering from aches, relieve it with ayurvedic care and get happy joints

Infused with 12+ rare herbs to provide quick
and long-term relief from joint pain
  • Do your parents or old ones in your family find it difficult to get up in the morning?
  • Do they often have stiffed, paining or sore joints?
  • Do you hear the crackling sound of bones while getting up from a chair?
  • Do you experience swelling on and surrounding the joints?

Get the benefits of this Joint Care Elixir backed by Ayurvedic Practice!

Set your body free from Joint Pain with the purest form of love

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Sheopals Pain Relief Oil + Capsule

Long-Term Pain Relief Herbal Oil

Sheopals Pain Relief Oil for Joint & Body Pain is an Ayurvedic massage oil that helps provide quick and long-lasting relief from knee, joint, body and muscle pain. Prepared with 12+ Ayurvedic herbs, it is clinically proven to provide relief from several types of pain, especially Joint discomfort.

Sheopals herbal Pain Relief oil works wonders in relieving

  • Cervical Pain
  • Stiffness
  • Sprains
  • Frozen Shoulders
  • Backache and many more
Quantity: Pain Oil 120 ml + Pain Releief Capsule
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Rs 8,99.00

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This Herbal Oil is a "Sure Fix" for
  • People who have been suffering from joint pain for years but are not finding the best cure
  • People living a sedentary lifestyle or engage in 9 to 5 or desk job and posture-related stiffness
  • Older People who want to live a pain-free and comfortable life for longer.

What Does It Do

Provides relief in Arthritis pain

Helps reduce knee & other joint pain, stiffness, swelling and inflammation

Reduces muscular ache

Offers relief from neck pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain, back pain, knee pain and other body pain

Enhancing flexibility, fitness & quality of life

Beneficial in Sciatica and Sprain too

What makes Sheopals Pain Oil effective and safe?

  • Made with 12+ potent herbal medications, Sheopals Pain killer Oil gives instant and long-lasting relief from all pain.
  • The efficacy of this herbal product is ensured as each herb used in it, is procured from its natural source. And they are blended with purely natural procedures.
  • It doesn't contain any form or type of chemical or cheap substitute as we can't compromise with your health.
  • Useful in almost all sorts of body pain.

Why Choose Sheopals Pain Oil Over Other Alternative

  • Hand-picked potent and powerful ingredients.
  • May contain toxins and chemically-rich formula.
  • Toxin-free, skin-friendly for a long-term use.
  • Can cause skin irritation, rashes or other problem to your skin if used for a long run.
  • A Herbal-formula, provides relief in a number of body joint pain.
  • May provide short-term or temporary relief; not effective in a long run.
  • Recyclable, Eco-friendly, Unbreakable, leak-proof and attractive bottle packaging.
  • May come in a plastic, leaking bottle, usually a copy of a famous brand's product.
  • Available at a pocket-friendly price .
  • Generally too expensive.

Making Process of Sheopals Pain Oil

Deep Research & Analysis

Our journey started with the curiosity to find and research several natural herbs' effectiveness. During the process, we came across many herbs containing wonderful therapeutic and medicinal properties. It fascinated and encouraged us to go forward in this sector; therefore, we decided to bring out something best out of natural herbs to offer relief in several pain related to joints and other body parts.


Since our oil is the result of extensive research, it has undergone many testing procedures. The scientifically-backed procedures ensure the highest quality products.

Quality Checks

Quality has been our key-driven area. Since we are opting for herbal products, we are trying to bring natural products that don't possess any side effects. And therefore, we can't compromise the quality when it comes to your health. This is the reason our product undergoes some stringent quality checks. And therefore, we bring forth a herbal and effective joint pain oil for you that works.

How To Use

Take some oil in your palm. Apply it gently on the affected body part.

Massage the affected areas with your fingers gently but deeply.

Apply this oil regularly; atleast 3-5 minutes daily for better results.


Wintergreen Oil

It contains methyl salicylate that has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that works as a topical pain reliever.

Nilgiri Eucalyptus

It is proven to be effective in pain as it reduces pain and inflammation.

Mahanarayan Oil

It opens up the lock, reduces muscle stiffness and relieves pain.

Castor Oil

It has ricinoleic acid that helps reduce swelling and pain that occured due to inflammation. It is beneficial in treating arthritis.


It is found to be effective in treating muscle aches and pains by stimulating circulation.

Sesame Oil

It can improve functional nerve recovery by regulating oxidative nerve stress. It helps cure muscle-related disorders.

Capsaicin Oil

This herbal oil helps cure muscle pain resulting from strains, sprains, bruising or backaches.


It has menthol content that helps relax muscles and ease the pain.

Get Relief From Pain Internally and Externally

Customer Reviews

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Ravi Reddy
Joint Savior

Saviour for my joints. This oil has improved my overall joint health. Feeling active and pain-free.

Naina Gupta
Arthritis Relief in no time.

Living with arthritis is tough, but this oil made it easier. Reduced pain and improved mobility.

Preeti Menon
Joint Freedom

Freedom from joint pain is priceless. This oil has given me the freedom to

Sameer Verma
Bye-bye Stiffness. Healthy Joints.

Stiffness was limiting my movements, but this oil brought back my flexibility. Happy with the results!

Arjun Singh
Muscle Relief

Quick relief from muscle soreness. This oil is a must-have for anyone who loves intense workouts.