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Some Surprising information about Diabetes Medicines found in Indian Market by Dr. Josh Smith!

"Today, most methods of controlling diabetes rely on over-the-counter drugs that contain synthetic and chemical ingredients. These are basically ignorant, ineffective and even dangerous methods. Such treatments are ways to aggravate the symptoms and lead to early death. If a type 2 diabetes patient is seen by a specialist, and recommends trying these remedies - stay as far away from such "specialists" as possible.

The thing is that all known drugs that are prescribed by specialists, significantly increase the level of insulin in the blood. Due to the increased amount of insulin, the blood becomes very thick. Excess insulin in the body affects other organs and systems. It almost destroys the liver, kidney and other excretory organs. Insulin is similar to stomach acid in its concentration and action. Imagine what would happen if stomach acid filled your internal organs. They'll burn!

High levels of insulin damage cells, causing them to divide abnormally, which can lead to the development of cancer. Because of this, according to statistics, 28% of people with diabetes get cancer.

In addition, large amounts of insulin cause rapid accumulation of cholesterol in the blood vessels, as insulin slows the flow of thickened blood. Because of which, the blood vessels get clogged with cholesterol, due to which the blood pressure increases. 98% of diabetic patients suffer from high blood pressure. And they develop many other problems of the cardiovascular system."

A True & Open Letter to fight Diabetes!

I want to show you Sarika Bhagwati's letter. She is an Indian pensioner. She approached us for advice (she was unable to come to us as she was not feeling well). I recommended Sheopals Herbal Diabetes Capsules to him over telephone. And now she is able to manage her condition completely on her own and has completely forgotten about the fluctuations in blood sugar. And here is his letter.

Sarika Bhagwati, 67 years. Retired from job, and suffering from diabetes. She lives in Chennai.

"Why don't other experts recommend miracle capsules like Sheopals Herbal Diabetes Capsules? My blood sugar level was very high. This condition bothered me since the age of 28. At the age of 49, I had and severe kidney problems. Vision began to deteriorate and kidney function almost stopped. I smelled very strong of acetone. My daughter could not even sit with me. Also, my legs often There were wounds, the tips of the fingers were turning black. I was almost on the verge of death. Everyone told me that I would not live much longer."

I asked my daughter for help. I had lived a very good life, but I didn't want to die now, even if I was in a lot of pain. My last hope was to get advice from you. I knew you have helped hundreds of diabetes patients, still not quite sure, says it's an impossible disease and no results to be found. I was in doubt for a long time, but after your interview on TV I decided to call you.

Thank you very much for your advice and for sending Sheopals Herbal Diabetes Capsules. I immediately started taking the capsules. Four months have passed, and I'm still alive, despite all the negative predictions. It is said that now I will live for a long time. After all, the level of sugar in the blood has stabilized now. And I feel Sheopals Herbal Diabetes Capsules is helping me. Never in the last 10 years have I felt so healthy and diabetes free as I do now. I'm sleeping better now, don't need to drink a lot of water. Persistent fatigue and weakness are also no longer felt. My blood pressure is also fine now. I look much better now, in fact I feel much younger. And all this thanks to Sheopals Herbal Diabetes Capsules.

Some Side-Effects of Diabetes Medicines available at Indian Pharmacies!

Stomach problems
High Blood Pressure - headache, fear wave, tinnitus etc
Liver cirrhosis
Risk of kidney stones
Cancer related diseases
Damaged blood vessels
Complete loss of Sight or blindness
Skin Rashes

How Diabetes kills from Inside?

Impaired Vision

Uncontrolled diabetes means blindness, for lifetime. It is next to impossible to correct blindness caused by diabetes. It can't be corrected even using laser treatment because several internal bleeding cause separation of retina.

Kidney Problems

High Sugar blocks the ureter, making the environment of the kidneys sweet. Sugar acts as a preservative and preserves the kidneys. And they start dying slowly. And chronic renal failure sets in – this is just the beginning. Kidneys can be completely destroyed.

Joint Stiffness

Synovial fluid gives mobility to the joints. When blood vessels can no longer nourish the joints, synovial fluid stops being made. The joints dry out and wear out. A person gets so much pain that it is difficult to bear. Painkillers also do not help. The joints are completely closed and the ability of the person to walk on his own ends.

Nervous System

Like many other organs, nerves also suffer from excess sugar. People with diabetes develop psychosis over time. The patient becomes emotionally unbalanced. He often starts having problems with depression, he does not feel well. He just wants to lie down, sleep and die.

Skin Inflammation

First, it dries out a lot, scratches, then eczema, and then ulcers. Along with the skin, the muscles and bones begin to rot. An unpleasant smell starts coming. It all ends with gangrene. Diabetes is a very dangerous disease.

Heart related problems

High blood sugar can damage the blood vessels and nerves that control your heart, resulting in an increased risk of heart disease. People with diabetes are also more likely to have other conditions that raise the risk for heart disease, such as high blood pressure, which can damage the walls of your arteries.

For how long does it help control diabetes?

The key is to be prepared for a long recovery. But after this you will not need to consume these capsules. And you will be able to lead a normal, healthy life as before. Diabeto Care helps everyone, even old people with weak immunity.
Diabeto Care should be taken according to the course. Take it for 2 weeks, take 4-5 days off, and then continue the course.

Restoration of Blood Vessels

The main function of Diabeto Care capsules is that they not only bring down the blood sugar to normal levels but also contribute to the overall health of the body. Ginkgo Biloba dissolves sugar from the walls of blood vessels. When relieved of this burden, the veins and arteries become elastic again and start working better. Diabeto Care removes blood clots, cleans blood vessels, restores tiny capillaries. Blood pressure normalizes, weakness and drowsiness disappear, wounds and scratches begin to heal quickly. Activity and cheerfulness return as before, there is a desire to do something better.

Normalization of Glucose levels

Diabeto Care does not increase insulin levels, so it is completely safe. These capsules reduce insulin resistance. Biologically active ingredients penetrate the cells of the muscles and liver, restoring their balance, due to which they begin to respond better to hormones. This process is called "secondary cell formation". Over time, the cells begin to use the active glucose, which lowers blood sugar levels. This is the safest way for the body to use glucose (sugar).

People tend to feel much better during the day, even after eating. He is no longer bothered by thirst. Eczema and rashes go away. Itching in the genitals stops, the stomach starts getting clean. If we talk about physical indicators, the level of glycated haemoglobin decreases, the presence of sugar and acetone in the urine decreases.

Excess Fat melts away

"Overweight worsens the condition of diabetic patients by almost 45 times. Therefore, one of the tasks of Diabeto Care is to reduce the weight. This becomes possible due to two reasons. Firstly, the cells actively absorbed and converted into energy. Second, this complex includes a powerful extract of Tribulus Terrestris, which is a very powerful and natural fat burner." Every 10 kilos of weight loss reduces the risk of dangerous consequences of diabetes by almost 50%.

Improvement in Skin, Bones & Muscles condition

Even heavily damaged skin is restored. Wounds heal, skin rotting stops, oozing wounds dry up. The same happens with the bones, their healthy structure is restored. They get stronger. All tissues are restored, the elasticity of the muscles increases.

Other Possible Improvements

Most of the patients of diabetes do not have strength. One of the wonders of Diabeto Care is the improvement of testosterone levels, and the restoration of healthy virility. Men are able to have sex even at the age of 50-60.

More Than 5 Lacs Customers

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What is Butterfly Effect for Diabetics?

The effect of Diabeto Care feels as butterfly wings, that acts as restoration of internal organs to improve your overall health. From improving the function of blood carrying veins to eye sight betterment to restoration of joints; it works for all.

Feeling light in waking up in the morning

When you wake up in the morning, you can easily step out of the bed. Now, you don't need to force yourself for waking up, stretching your hands-feet, massaging your sleepy feet, neck, or back. After startin Diabeto Care, you will more energetic and full of power so gets wake up easily without having any of the above health problems.

Good health including Psychological health

You will feel more energetic and healthy right after waking up. You sleep with great peace and thus take sufficient sleep. You start feel more energetic lik a young guy. You don't need to go to washroom frequently. All your body pain start disappearing gradually and feels no itching at any body point.

Delicious Breakfast

When your sugar level goes down, you begin to add variety of foods to your breakfast. The foods restriction eases. And now you won't need to follow low-carb diet. So, with diabeto care, start enjoying your favorite dishes.

Immense Power

After uses of this herbal product, you don't need to think about your feet. You won't feel Walking or roaming as a task but a fun task. It makes you able to roam whole day without feeling tiredness and feet swelling. You won't get any mark on feet made by socks, shoes or sandals.

Lasting Calmness

You will feel completely stress-free and immense peace. After its use, you won't feel that consistently-occurring pain that keeps you irritated from inside and doesn't allow you to focus at any task. When you get relief from that pain, you can clearly experience different types of things, sound, fragrances that you have almost forgot about earlier.

Restoration of Eye Sight

Even after worse eye sight start getting worse with its regular use. Now, you can see clearly the thing that you couldn't see earlier. You become able to see the bus number clearly even from distance. You start enjoying the beauty of nature again.
The most important thing is that your lifetime gets increased dramatically. You will feel healthier and more energetic even in your old age. You won't be dependent on your family members anymore as you become able to take care of yourself.

Huge Shortage of Diabeto Care Capsules in Indian Market

Most people know that it's so challenging to find Sheopals Herbal Diabetes Capsules from pharmacies. These capsules are not supplied to chemist shops for sell. Now, you would be thinking where can you buy these capsules from?

Unfortunately, the above statement is true! The reason is, this herbal diabetes capsule is produced on limited basis as it takes time to produce these herbal diabetes capsules. Therefore, they are not supplied to the pharmacies and retailers. Unfortunately, most of the capsules is exported to other countries. There are some local organizations that purchase these capsules in a little amount and sell them at higher prices. But there is a good news for you! We have purchased a little lot of these herbal Diabetes Capsules and we are offering to you at the lowest cost. We are despatching these capsules directly to your home at any corner in India.

Condition to Purchase Diabeto Care Capsules

First of all, you need to be in India. As we won't export these capsules to out of the nation.

And you can purchase these capsules only for personal use. And we also request you all to not to resell these capsules at high costs. Earning money by playing with people's health is not humanity.

If a family has more than one diabetes patients, we will send this treatment course for 1-2 persons only.

Avail this offer before other people know about it!

Unfortunately, we don't have capsules to deliver to all diabetics in India. So, the faster you will order, the higher chances of yours to get these herbal diabetes capsules.
If you want to live a fuller life, we suggest you to order now!

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diabetes management has become second nature.

With this product, diabetes management has become second nature. It's a reliable ally that keeps me focused on my health and empowers me to make better choices. click here to take control of your diabetes!

Good Product and Ayurvedic ingredients

I bought this product for my mother and these ayurvedic capsules have proved to be nothing less than a miracle for us, her sugar level came down from 180 to 120 within few days of using it. All Thanks to Sheopals ...


Overall nice experience

No side-effects

Effective product. Get my sugar levels in control in just a few days without any side effects!

Manoj Kumar
Herbal Diabetes Capsule

The product controls sugar as well as increases energy and immunity. Good product for sugar control.