Redensyl: The Key Ingredient for Fuller, Thicker Beard

Redensyl: The Key Ingredient for Fuller, Thicker Beard

Beard is an integral part of a man's personality. It can create a big difference in a man’s looks. It can make or break your confidence. A beard is always associated with masculinity; this defines its importance in a man’s life. That is why every man dreams of growing a thick, luscious and well groomed full beard but not everyone is lucky to grow a thick and fuller beard naturally resulting in the waste of thousands of rupees and hours in beard enhancement.

In past decades the market of men’s skin-care products has become vast. There are many beard care products for men such as beard oil, beard wash, beard wax and beard growth serum which promise to give a fuller and thicker beard. Many of these products do fulfill their promises but at the cost of skin damage because of the chemicals present in it and others do not even work. At this moment a redensyl beard serum comes into the picture. In this blog we will discuss Redensyl, its mechanism and its importance for beard health.

Know About Redensyl

From last decade redensyl has evolved as the key ingredient for many hair care products such as shampoo, oils, beard oils and beard serum. It is believed and has been proven that redensyl is the new age elixir for hair regrowth which took the hair-care industry by storm. But do you ever wonder what redensyl is and how it contributes to hair health?

Redensyl is a recently developed patented plant based compound . It contains potent molecules like epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG2) and dihydroquercetin-glucoside (DHQG). It is designed to target hair follicles on the cellular level to increase hair regrowth. Unlike chemical infused compounds like minoxidil or hormonal treatments, redensyl provides a non-invasive natural alternative for those looking for growing a fuller beard.

Mechanism Behind Redesyl

Redensyl is a plant based compound whose efficacy lies in its unique formulation with powerful ingredients such as EGCG2 and DHQG. It penetrates the skin and stimulates stem cells of the hair follicles to promote hair regrowth and delays the hair from going into resting phase. It also provides protection to the hair follicles from environmental damage and increases the lifespan of cells which ensures healthier and stronger hair. It also helps to increase hair density and gives required nourishment to hair follicles. This is why in today’s world redensyl is one of the key ingredients in so many hair care and beard care products.

Efficacy Of Redensyl

Redesyl’s efficacy is backed by many researches and clinical studies which were published in the journals. People who have used it regularly to test its efficacy has also said in their testimonials that they have seen visible positive results in just a few days of use. Redensyl has also proven to be 3 times more effective than minoxidil. Unlike minoxidil, redensyl has no known side effects as it is a plant based compound. It promotes hair regeneration in a gentler and safer way.

Redensyl Benefits

Mentioned Here are Some of The Benefits of Redensyl.

  • Stimulate hair regeneration: redensyl attacks the stem cells of the hair follicles to stimulate hair regeneration and it reactivates dormant hair to promote hair regrowth. It also helps to fix patches and improve beard density.
  • Prevent hair loss: It restricts the hair follicle to go into resting phase and encourages them to grow by providing the required amount of nutrition resulting in prevention of hair loss.
  • Non-invasive: This is a non-invasive alternative solution for hair regeneration unlike the chemical based product or surgical methods it is safe to use.
  • DHT blocker: DHT (dihydrotestesterone) is a hormone found in the male. Excessive amount of this hormone disallows the hair follicle to absorb required nutrients resulting in hair loss. Redensyl works as a natural DHT blocker and helps to grow new hair.
  • Suitable for all: It is suitable for all skin and hair type. It does not matter if you have dry skin or oily skin or if you have curly hair or straight hair, it is effective for everyone.

Comparison With Other Hair Growth Ingredients

  • Minoxidil: Minoxidil is a well-researched and chemically developed compound proven to be beneficial for hair regrowth. Unlike redensyl, its exact mechanism is still unknown. In comparison with minoxidil, redensyl has proven to be 3 times more effective for regeneration of hair.
  • Biotin: Also known as vitamin be can be found in many hair-care products but there are very less scientific evidences to support its efficacy, especially for the people who does not have the deficiency of vitamin B.
  • Caffeine: It has the potential to promote hair growth and thought to block DHT but it is slower than redensyl in hair growing hair.

When comparing it with other ingredients remember that the effect of redensyl may vary according to your skin type.

Key Ingredient In Many Products

As the demand for man's beard grooming products increases in the market. Companies are trying to innovate new formulas every day to be on top. Because of all the above reasons redensyl is one of the most used key ingredients in many of the beard care products like beard oils and beard growth serum. And looking at its versatility it will be in demand in the future also. As the personal care market is evolving every day there will be more beard growth serum in the future containing redensyl.

Precautions To Be Taken Before Use

  • Do a patch test before using it directly to your skin for any allergic reactions and side effects.
  • There are no known side effects of redensyl till now but it is important to consult a specialist before using it.
  • Avoid contact with your eyes when using it. This may cause eye irritation.


In today’s world, a beard is not just a mere fashion statement for men, it is considered as the sign of masculinity for men. Redensyl a plant based patented potent hair regrowth ingredient helps men to grow their desired beard in just weeks without even showing any side effects. It is also useful in beard enhancement by treating beard issues such as beard dandruff, patchy beard, rough beard and increased DHT levels. It helps to increase beard thickness and also helps to give thicker facial hair even to those men who are struggling to grow facial hair.

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